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Collection: Partner Collection - Glad Dog Candle Co.

We have found other amazing creators around the United States and have brought some of their products here to our shop to try and spread the word about their wonderful items.  These are all handmade, high quality items that are 100% made in the USA.  Enjoy!

We combined our hobby of candle making with our obsession with animals and our Glad Dog brand was born. Inspired by our Alabaman mixed mutt, Remy, Glad Dog is more than a candle company. Each Glad Dog candle is hand poured in our home studio located in Spicer, Minnesota. Our candles are made with premium fragrance oil, infused with natural essential oils. We use coconut wax with a crackling wood wick to produce an extremely clean, long lasting candle. Along with our family, our customers aren't just people who enjoy clean burning, eco-friendly candles, but folks who love animals and find satisfaction in knowing they are making a difference in a shelter animal's life. For every item we sell, we donate a meal to an animal in the shelter.

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