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Collection: Partner Collection - Virginia Creamery Candle Co.

We have found other amazing creators around the United States and have brought some of their products here to our shop to try and spread the word about their wonderful items.  These are all handmade, high quality items that are 100% made in the USA.  Enjoy!

It started at a country store… A dear friend opened up a very successful country story in our home town. We noticed that candles were very expensive and the fragrances were not all that strong. We found out that a lot of wholesale companies required very large initial purchases and for a small store just starting out it was just too much. So, my husband and I set out to create a candle line that was not only affordable but also appealing and the fragrances were great. Virginia Creamery Candle Co. was born. ​ Our Theme Candles offer you the opportunity to not just give the gift of a candle but to personalize it with a message that makes them smile. We have candles that touch people passions, hobbies, or just what is going on in their life at that's a perfect gift. You can also just get a few for yourself!!!

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